Nicki Clein - Psychotherapist and Counsellor in London

"The ultimate goal of therapy... it's too hard a question. The words come to me like tranquility, like fulfillment, like realizing your potential."
Irving Yalom

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."
Viktor Frankl

Nicki Clein

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

​+44 7900 447899

Matters of the Mind Therapy in London

At some point during our lives, many of us face some emotional difficulties. We may feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, lost or stuck. Although at these times we may choose to turn to friends and family for help and support, sometimes this is not possible, or not enough.

It is at these points that we may recognise that something needs to change and consider counselling or psychotherapy. 

Trying to work though painful feelings or stressful life events such as relationship problems, bereavement, depression or illness can be very difficult. Research shows that psychotherapy and counselling can help us through these difficulties and find a way forward.

Embarking on the journey of exploration and self-discovery, of sharing your experiences in the presence of someone else in a safe, confidential space may be one of the most worthwhile and life-changing things you can do.

My name is Nicki Clein and I am an experienced psychotherapist working in London NW3, offering psychotherapy and counselling services for adolescents, young adults and adults. 

I offer a safe and confidential and non-judgmental environment where you can explore your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Together, we will work to navigate and manage your difficulties, with the ultimate aim of 
enhancing your sense of well-being and in turn, enabling you to lead a fuller and more satisfying life.